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At Kahtoola, we’re always dreaming up ways to make winter… better. That’s why significant parts of our research, design, and manufacturing are conducted right here at our Northern Arizona headquarters in Flagstaff at a cool 7,000 feet. What better way to redesign winter than to have the design, testing, and manufacturing all in one amazing place? Being closer to our products at each step means you get better gear for your outdoor winter adventures.
Our KTS Steel, KTS Aluminum and K-10 crampons are all assembled by hand… right here. The frames for our MTN and RNR Snowshoes are all hand-bent and completely assembled… right here.
And all of our products are designed, improved, and then tested… right here. We guess you could say that we’re geeks for winter, which explains our nonstop pursuit of making your next winter the best winter you’ve ever had.

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